1. The Book Project

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When I was writing my article on life lessons I learned at Age 30, I wished someone told these lessons very early on in my life. I wished if there was a book where I could learn about these life lessons to navigate challenges and live a meaningful life.
The idea finally took shape during a fun get together game with friends where I shared my vision to write a book on life lessons that acts as a life manual for anyone. A book that is written on the life lessons learned that one may learn in a hard way and the life lessons contributed by a community around the world across a range of life topics from relationships, money, career, personal etc.
100 most valuable life lessons that prepares you to do well in life, life lessons parents should teach their children.
I am kicking off this vague idea and hope to figure out the details as I explore more. I am calling this passion project - THE BOOK PROJECT for now.
If you are interested in receiving updates on this project, contribute to the book with your life lessons and help in any other way, join the community here.

2. InterviewPrepPeer

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A peer to peer behavioral interview preparation platform

Acing an interview depends on how best you prepare for it. Practicing for the interview is a big part of the overall interview preparation. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Rehearsing interviewing with someone as many times as possible will help reduce interview stress and boost your confidence.
If you are someone who is currently interviewing for jobs or will be interviewing soon, join intreviewpreppeer. I am creating a community platform for people who want to practice interviewing before the actual interview and overcome their interview anxiety and fear. You would be practicing with someone who's also in the same boat, shares the same stress level, doesn't want to feel that they are being judged and want to have the same experience as if they are actually interviewing with a hiring manager and get sincere and unbiased feedback at NO COST OR FEE.
Currently, this community platform focuses on behavioral interview prep.

How does it work:

1. If you are interested in joining this community, sign up here. You will be added to a Slack Channel and a closed Facebook group.
2. You will get access to a Google calendar where you can find a peer for practice interviewing. Either join someone who's looking for a peer to practice by joining their practice event or create a practice event at a time best suited for you and invite others to join.
3. Practice the interview at the scheduled time over Google Hangout video call.
4. Share feedback with each other.
5. Reflect on the feedback provided.
6. Schedule another practice interview.
7. Nail the real interview.