My Innovation Framework

For me, INNOVATION is about making something existing DELTA times better so that it improves its MEANING and PURPOSE. Meaning indicates the relevant value created, and purpose indicates why one would use or buy it.
I base my approach to innovation on three types of thinking, Futures Thinking, Design Thinking and Systems Thinking to answer the following:
1/ What forces and trends are driving change around us?
2/ Where can we create value for the customers?
3/ How can we create the value to win?
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I use strategic foresight to scan for various forces that will drive change and shape the future, and combine it with human insights about changing customer needs and experience drivers. Through a human-centric and iterative design approach, I identify emerging opportunities that create value for the end-user and business. By understanding what it might take to win from a people, process, and capabilities perspective, I define the strategy to win the strategic opportunities that are immediate, emerging and transformational.
I further evaluate and prioritize the strategic opportunities identified by
Value created is important and desirable by the customer
Value created offers a differentiation in the market
Value created generates financial benefits for business

How I prioritize opportunities for Business innovation

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