Rapid Foresight for Business Strategy and Innovation

The course focuses on teaching leading tools, techniques, and principles of Strategic Foresight and a systematic approach to applying them to identify growth opportunities and anticipate risks in the near plausible future and develop a strategy to win using Rapid Foresight Canvas. Rapid Foresight Canvas builds on strategic foresight to help identify the changes and shifts in the business environment and map out what business competencies would be needed for the plausible future world through a sprint based approach and facilitating a structured conversation with your team. Each learning module contains introductions for the course project.
Through the course project, you would be capturing and assessing weak signals, trends and your assumptions about the future of your business environment and customers, co-design a future to identify new growth opportunities in the form of new products or services, develop a new strategy and roadmap or test the resilience of your existing or proposed strategy in the emerging future.
The course is currently available on Skillshare for anyone who’s interested in learning on demand.
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